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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Medicine Buddha Mantra

Right now, I am going through some challenges with respect to my physical health. Over the past several days, I have invoked the sacred mantra of the Medicine Buddha, one of the deities celebrated and venerated in Tibetan Buddhism. Because his mantra begins with OM, also from the general-spiritual angle, one can say that this being is an archetype and a sound-form of the Absolute that comes to us in this form for healing. Here is the blessed mantra of the Medicine Buddha in its original Sanskrit form.

Om Namoh Bhagavate Baisajya Guru Vaidurya.
Prabha rajayah Tathaghataya Arhate Samyak Sambuddhaya. 
Tadyatha Om. Baisajya Baisajya. Baisya Samudgate Soha.

I honor the Supreme Being in the form of the Medicine Buddha Guru.
He has attained the Supreme and is one with Primordial Compassion.
I honor you, Om, as That Being. You are the Supreme Healer (Baisajya).

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