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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Ten Reasons For Universal Income

In the 1960s and 1970s the famous Rock Band "The Who" from the UK sang about love and even had a song out called "Love Reign Over Me". That song is not only awesome, but it is true. I really hope and pray that Love will Prevail in my life and also the lives of other human beings around the planet. I want to see an end to war, terrorism, hatred, bullying, cyber warfare, and oppression in all forms. Love is the answer. This is the teaching of all great Enlightened Masters: Krishna, Sankara, Buddha, Jesus (Yeshua), Martin Luther King, and Gandhi, just to name a few.

Universal Income needs to happen. As technology gets better and better, more and more people are going to find themselves out of work. Even as a Technical Writer, I might find myself with no work one day if computer programs learn to write effective software documentation and training guides.

All human lives matter. Agree? With that said, nobody should die on the streets because of hunger and lack of income. Nobody needs a mansion and a Porsche 911, but everyone needs at least one solid meal a day and shelter. I hope you agree with this. In Buddhism, I have learned about the power of compassion. It is the power of empathy. When empathy is given to you, it changes you for the better. Empathy allows you to then want to give and help.

Universal Income would be Uncle Sam's way of telling the USA - we care about our people. You do not have to be in a cut-throat type of work environment just to survive. You can teach. You can work in garbage collection. You can work in social welfare. You can work as a nurse. You can work as a teacher. And because of Universal Income, you can survive. I hope Universal Income can become a reality not just here in the USA, but across the world as well. All human beings matter. Thanks.

Just my two cents here...

1. Universal Income will help feed the world.
2. Universal Income will help to educate the world.
3. Universal Income will encourage others to teach.
4. Universal Income will encourage others to learn arts and crafts.
5. Universal Income will encourage others to travel and blog.
6. Universal Income will encourage others to socialize more.
7. Universal Income will create new and unique human connections.
8. Universal Income will help society heal from a violent past.
9. Universal Income will send a message of love and compassion across the globe.
10. Universal Income will help all feel more secure and better able to serve others. 

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