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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Road Signs: Please Honor

In 2005, during a lunch break at work while working in Miami, a woman ran a red light and crashed head-on into the car I was riding in. This was during the heat of the Miami summer in 2005. I was only riding in the back, but the collision was intense. Since then, I have struggled with lower back pain and I wish this fate on nobody, not even an enemy. Pain is no friend and is a challenge especially when pain medication no longer is effective. I have been taking turmeric, ginger, and other supplements and I manage, but the quality of my life is not the same now. And this is all because a woman decided to run a STOP SIGN and dishonor the right of way of the traffic. We happened to be the car that got rammed. The car I was in was totaled. The car she was in also had a huge dent (it was a SUV). So, I live in the shadow of an accident over ten years ago. Chronic pain is the result of automobile accidents. It is not fun. Nobody understands your pain. Nobody cares too. So, PLEASE, do not run stop signs. Do not run red lights. Prevent further pain to self and others - and I mean physical pain. Thanks, Keith 

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