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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Please, Arrive Alive

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Blog Followers and Blog Visitors:

The other day, I noticed that the front plate on many, if not all, Florida Highway Patrol cars reads as follows ... ARRIVE ALIVE. This is not a joke. This is as about as serious as it can get.

There are thousands of terrible accidents annually here on the Florida Highways.

I drive about thirty-five miles each way to work for a total of seventy miles each day, just to go to and arrive from my job. I am mostly on the Florida Turnpike and it is like driving through hell. It is chaotic and very few people drive respectfully. Between tourists, drunks, people on the phone, people texting, debris flying off trucks (a huge rock hit my windshield the other week and I had to get it replaced), and things like this, it is a miracle I arrive safely at my job and then safely at home each day. I pass by no less than three significant accidents EACH WAY as I go to my job and back. That is SIX accidents per day, minimum, that I see, just in my daily commute.

I love technology and value the strides humanity has made with respect to computers, cellphones, and even cars. But if people cannot respect technology and use it wisely, it becomes a weapon, whether intentional (or not). So, mindfulness is the key here. But people are not mindful. Last night, I took a connector road from Interstate 595 to go south on Interstate 95 and there was a huge line of traffic for about a mile. Everyone waited patiently until this one woman in a Black Mercedes raced up the side of the line of cars, drove onto the emergency lane and tried to force her way into the front of the line.

Everyone drove up to block her but in doing so, all cars moved to the other lane and this almost caused about three accidents at the same time. Too close for comfort. The wretched soul made her way in and this upset many many people waiting about 20 minutes to make it through this connection. This is what happens. Just one person with zero patience has to ruin it for others. I am not just talking convenience here ... I am talking safety and even survival. Arrive alive. I guess this person never learned this in school. If you have an emergency, call 911. Do not threaten other drivers' lives with your insanity and madness and risk their lives unnecessarily, let alone yours...

Arrive Alive. This is not just for oneself. This is for EVERYBODY. This is a collective appeal to collective mindfulness, awareness, and consideration on the roads. Everywhere, not just here in South Florida. Thank you.

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