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Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Two Cents Regarding John 1:1

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Blog Visitors:

For the most part, this URL ( is my spiritual blog.

All true spiritual masters like Jesus and Buddha have told us, many times in their teachings, that the purpose of human life is not just to make a boatload of money and party. Neither is human life to harm others. Rather, human life is here for the purpose of allowing us, as spiritual beings, to unite ourselves with our Divine Source.

As a raised Christian who has been blessed with teachings from the East, especially those of the Buddha, I no longer see the Bible Gospels in Absolute Terms. I consider the Bible to be the inspired Word of God as opposed to the literal Word of God. Today, there are thousands if not tens of thousands of translations and even mapping back ancient versions of the Bible to actual individuals and manuscripts is still a work in progress. So, I take all teachings with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, I pray, contemplate, and meditate on a regular basis and believe that what I am presenting here is a very unifying teaching.

You see, most of Christianity stands at odds with other religions and paths. Most Bible-only Christians say that paths like Buddhism and Hinduism are false pagan religions. Well, let me tell you something, I have been blessed by and helped by my many great people who are practicing Hindus and Buddhists and their love is as strong as any Christian I have ever met. So, theologically, how can one reconcile Eastern Thought with Christianity? 

Let's discuss the image I placed above  - herein rests my answer.

The Bible says in John 1:1 that the Word was with God and the Word was God. OK, fine. So, Jesus, being the Word of God is the Source of Creation and all Created Beings. However, Swami Sivananda of the Hindu path says that "OM is the Divine Word of God". So, how can this be reconciled?

Simple. Jesus commanded the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost to create the universe and all living beings. This of course was based on the Mandate of God the Father. So, the path goes like this.

1. God the Father mandates Creation Through Jesus (Yeshua) - The Literal Word of God.
2. Jesus mandates Creation Through the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) - The Spiritual Word of God.
3. The Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) allows for Creation and Created Beings to manifest.

The blessed Kriya Yoga master Yogananda taught that "OM is the Audible Word of God". You can hear OM in the depth of silence. OM is the original form of the word Amen, which Jesus says is Himself in the Bible: I am the great Amen. With that said, because man has had many problems connecting with God, Jesus took it upon himself to tell humanity how to pray. He gave us the Lord's Prayer. So, in the Bible, there is a question, "Lord ... how shall we pray?" He answers with the Words of the Lord's Prayer, which, in my humble opinion, is a focused way of invoking the Presence of the Holy Spirit (OM). So:

1. The Lord's Prayer connects one absolutely with the Holy Spirit (OM, Amen).
2. The Holy Spirit (OM, Amen) is absolutely connected with God the Son (Jesus, Yeshua).
3. The Son (Jesus, Yeshua) is absolutely connected with God the Father (Abba).

Because all aspects of the Holy Trinity are absolutely connected, the Lord's Prayer connects one directly and absolutely with God in All Three Divine Forms - Father, Son, Holy Ghost. I sincerely believe that one who leads a life devoted to love, compassion, humility, hard work, and a life of virtue, and who prays either the Lord's Prayer or a form of OM, is a saved soul. We cannot do evil and then expect God to save us. Some Christians say that "I am a believer" and then use their faith as an escape from spiritual duty and a life of service and claim "I am saved through my faith".

I sincerely disagree with this belief system.

The Lord's Prayer is one's justified escape from the church because today the church is an economic wolf - a financial predator. You do not have to give ten percent of your earnings to a wealthy church or someone who claims to be a path to God.

Faith is free. God is free. Hope is free. Charity is free. Salvation is free. You are under no obligation to support megachurches where pastors go around living in million dollar homes and driving BMWs. That is a scam. That is false. There is accountability and such individuals will be held responsible.

The Lord's Prayer is one's direct line to our Divine Source.

There is no intermediary needed.

We are saved by Grace and the gift of Grace is from our Divine Source. We approach our Divine Source (God) through benevolent and sincere prayer - especially prayers using OM, Amen, and the Lord's Prayer. We further our faith and path by helping others in this life.

Then, and only then, can one reasonably expect that Divine Grace will reciprocate and in the end save. Thanks.

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