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Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Two Cents on "God"

Dear Blog Friends, Followers, and Visitors:

This post is my two cents on the topic of "God" especially in light of recent violence and tragedy across the world. I have searched my soul deeply and just this morning I got inspired to write this post. As some of you know, I follow an ancient Himalayan Spiritual Path called VEDANTA. This philosophy is that of non-dualism. It is about duality becoming and merging back into ONE. So, ONE is the true root and essence of two, which is where duality starts and all of the troubles of this world begin, philosophically.

The world today is literally trapped in dualism. There are contradictions all over the place. Some people are wealthy. Others are poor. Some people have great health, others are born with a critical and life threatening condition. Some creatures lead long lives. Others are killed by predators when they are young. Some people live in a wealthy and prosperous country, others live in great poverty like in countries in Central Africa where there is only starvation.

The human experience for each individual is also plagued by painful duality. There is happiness and sadness. There is gain and there is loss. There is health and there is sickness. There is security and there is violence from other creatures and even the Earth (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes). Some people get schooled and have a good job. Some are without educational opportunity and then have to work hard menial and back breaking jobs the rest of their lives.

There also is duality is many religious and spiritual and socio-political texts. So, in the end, the issue of division is not solved. As soon as you follow one system, you are against the other. No wonder there has been so much historical violence "in the name of God". Well, in my humble opinion, the texts being followed are flawed because if the texts were existentially perfect, then following them would lead to a better and more secure world. But this is not the case. There is more danger now than ever before with all of the nuclear weapons and automatic weapons across the globe. The world has become a war zone. Peace is just a word, it seems.

Also, I cannot believe some of the crazy things written in the "holy books" of many religions. Those are the words of men and not the words of True Divinity.

God is BEING (Existential Nonduality), In My Book

So, the diagram I have created above shows, apart from any specific ideology or belief system, the essential nature of the human life experience. Has religion helped us? Only in a limited way. Has political enlightenment helped us? Only in a limited way. So, what is the existential solution to the troubles of life and existence and modern society?

It is this. BEING is the true heart and soul of every living creature and human being. BEING is where neutrality, peace, and natural joy resides. Happiness is not attained. It is like a car windshield that is dirty and that must be cleaned to see through it. BEING is what we all have in common. That is where the conversation must begin.

Not religion.
Not politics.
Not social correctness.
Not language.
Not sports.
Not games.
Not finance.
Not business.
Not modern medicine.
Not technology.

BEING...breathe in...breathe out....breathe in...breath out...

BEING is the essence of the meditation process.
BEING is the essence of the prayer process.
BEING is the essence of the creative process.
BEING is the essence of the healing process.

Many famous scientists have concluded that "we should not be here". This is a profound statement. In other words, it does not make sense, either through physics or mathematics, that we are "here" living this life. However, we are here. We are living this life.

Life indeed is a mystery.

BEING is "the mystery" for all of us to contemplate and because BEING is so immense, we should all be silenced and humbled by its greatness. It is a true miracle we are here and we are alive. It is a miracle to experience life and existence. It is a miracle TO BE.

Because of the miracle of BEING, we can partake of life and its experiences.

Awareness of this truth gets us back to the innocent mind of a child. Awareness of just being glad to be alive and be here is what allows for us to value one another and for peace to be a possibility. As soon as we align our minds with a limited dogma or belief system, duality sets in and all of the troubles of the world set in.

Honoring BEING is the solution - all human beings and living beings benefit.

It is our Source.
It is our Journey.
It is our Destination.

It is our common quality - across all domains of human life and across all life forms.

OM and Amen.


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