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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Human Material Life and Human Spiritual Life

A great book I encourage you all to read is the Tibetan Book of the Dead. It covers the phenomena of life, death, the bardo, and reincarnation (next life).

Human life is like the caterpillar. It is heavy, burdened, slow, and weighted down in many ways. Human life involves hardship and dealing with conflict. It might seem like there is no hope for happiness for the caterpillar, right? Well, this is only true if you are unaware of its inevitable future: that of a butterfly.

At some point, the caterpillar transitions into a butterfly. The butterfly emerges out of the body of the caterpillar. It is the same being, in a new form. I believe human life is like this. At death, we emerge out of our physical body into a new spiritual body that can literally fly and that is not weighted down like that of the caterpillar. Rather, we can fly in our new spiritual body. We are free. We are now beyond the worries and weights of the former life. We are free.

Now, if you lead an evil life and are exploiting others, the Lord of Karma will make you pay the price via a visit to a hellish astral region or by taking birth as an insect or animal or creature. So, you return to the suffering of a caterpillar all over again. But if you are a good soul, the you can assume a spiritual body that is free and that is unbounded. There are even spiritual realms, according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, where you can continue your spiritual quest for higher realization and understanding - hence love and compassion. These are called the Buddha Realms.

May all living beings be free and happy. Namaste. 

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