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Sunday, September 24, 2017

OM Avatars

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Blog Visitors:

I have been on the Spiritual Path since I was about 10 years old. At that age, I became an avid reader and I have been an avid reader ever since. Why? Because I love to learn and grow and challenge my current level of understanding with new information and insights. Regarding the Ultimate Truth of our Existence, let me say this. I have studied the Gita, Dhammapada, Bible, and many other religious and holy texts and the diagram above is what I feel is true. I believe God is indescribable so the best way to understand God is through Sound, called Shabdha and the greatest revelation of God or Divine Sound is OM. This is according to great masters of ancient India who dedicated their lives to understanding their very own existence. OM says it all. Now, this truth is validated in the teachings and awareness of Krishna, Sankara, and Buddha, three holy men of ancient India as well as in the teachings of Jesus Christ (Yeshua, in Hebrew/Aramaic). I have recently updated one of my free e-books on the web for all the read and enjoy.

Here is the link, it is called Refuge in OM.

You see, I have a hard time with the divisive language and some of the Bible's teachings from the literal standpoint. However, from the symbolic side, there is sense and meaning. I believe that Jesus quite literally is an incarnation, or divine appearance of Spirit (God) who/that is beyond definition and so it is easier for us to approach the Absolute through a personality and form like Jesus, but I also believe that once you understand Jesus' essence to be OM, you will see that this Sacred Essence is not just there in Jesus but also in Divine Souls like Sankara, Krishna, and Buddha. Each life has a unique purpose and like Forrest Gump once said "Mama told me God is mysterious". Well, I agree.

Best Regards to you and yours.

Keith Johnson

Monday, September 4, 2017

Windows 10 Pocket Guide

Happy Labor Day 2017 Blog Subscribers, Friends and Followers. 

I am finalizing, right now, a book entitled the WINDOWS 10 POCKET GUIDE which should be live on the Internet (CreateSpace and Amazon Web Portals/Sites) in just a few days. Why have I created this book? It is quite simple. People are on the go today. Timeless things are timeless for a reason. The classical paperback that you can place in your back pocket as you are doing things is something that will never ever go out of style, in my humble professional opinion. So, a pocket guide is readily available to you at all times as you are on the go. The book is appropriately-sized yet complete with more than 90 chapters of useful and insightful info that you can apply toward your Windows 10 experience. I personally and professionally endorse Windows 10 as a Senior Technical Writer and Software Trainer. Windows 10 is full of useful apps, has a great and secure browser, and is designed to keep you safe from hackers. What more could you want? For me, it fits the bill for both personal and professional computer use. I will let you all know when the book is live on the web. Cheers.