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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Tibetan OM Symbol

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Today's blog post is about the practice of Tibetan Buddhism and its use of the OM sound, which is symbolized in the image above in Tibetan Script. The use of mantras - or sound formulas - is the most common aspect of Tibetan Buddhist practice, that is, formally speaking. Of course Tibetan Buddhist monks are kind, humble, compassionate, and practice universal love for all living beings from within their practice. However, the OM sound is unique and very very powerful. It is the foundation for most of the mantra recitations they all do. OM means six things, according to both the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhist scholars: (1) Totality of Sound, (2) Totality of Existence, (3) Infinity, (4) Absolute Truth, (5) Oneness, and (6) Total Blessedness. 

OM has been one of my major spiritual practices for about fifteen years now. OM is complete benevolence, support, love, compassion, wisdom, and fraternity. You are never alone when you chant OM. Why? Spiritual masters say that advanced beings hear one chanting OM and then they come to be with you and watch over you. From what I have studied between both Hinduism and Buddhism, OM is also called the Sound of the Holy Ghost (according to Kriya Yoga Master Paramahansa Yogananda) and this is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity of Christianity. So, OM is verily the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit. So, you are calling on God Himself/Herself. This of course probably does not fly from within Orthodox Biblical Circles but does fly from within esoteric Christian circles. I sincerely believe that God/Divine Source is SPIRIT, above and beyond all limited forms.


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