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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jesus, Yeshua, Yeshe

I have ALWAYS been fascinated with (1) history, (2) culture, (3) religion, and how these three are inter-twined. Of course religious leaders will never comment on something like this. They see life through colored classes and are paid to maintain the status-quo of their respective faith(s). 

However, I am not bound by any such covenant. My only covenant is the pursuit of truth for what it is. Period. And here is another amazing piece of history right before our very eyes. The word we have today "Jesus" is actually a second or third generation incarnation of the original Hebrew/Aramaic word/name "Yeshua". That is really what Jesus was called during his lifetime. He was a Jew who spoke Hebrew and also the local language was Aramaic. So, he was called Yeshua. 

Now, interestingly, there is a very auspicious title in Tibetan Buddhism called "Yeshe". 

It means "Wise One" or "Wisdom Holder". Sometimes Tibetan Lamas have as part of their formal name the word "Yeshe". 

It is an amazing find, the similarity between the name YESHUA and the title YESHE

The roots of both words are exactly the same. 

Too good to be true? I will let you decide. 

For me, Jesus indeed was Wise, Intelligent, Insightful, and most certainly Awakened. 

Namaste, Keith 

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