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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Why I Say Thanks To Microsoft

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Blog Subscribers, Blog Visitors:

Since 1992, Microsoft has been a powerful force in my life. Starting with MS-DOS, I got my first experiences when I was living in Brazil in terms of working with personal computers and software. Most DOS software at that time was run off a simple floppy disk, but I learned to master the keyboard and how to navigate software using the keyboard alone. Then, right after that, in 1994, I started to work with Windows 3.0 and also Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Software was built using the Microsoft Software Development Kit (SDK), which used the C language. I learned this platform and some C and built two apps for Windows 3.0 called WinMala (The Windows Mailer program, in Brazilian Portuguese) and Johnson English Windows, which was just a simple program showing Brazilians common nouns, verbs, sentences, adjectives, adverbs, etc. After that, I taught technical high school students how to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Visual Basic, and FoxPro.

This is what I did in Brazil from 1992 - 1996: I taught computing as well as developed software. I also had to work as a Technical Writer to document my code as well as be able to put together lessons and lesson plans for my students. Essentially, I became very skilled at writing programs that students ran on their computers and then in class I would have them do other more advanced programs once the basic lesson was completed.

When I returned to Miami in 1996, I continued to work in IT as a Technical Writer and Software Trainer, until today (2017). It is Microsoft's Windows platform and subsequent software that has enabled me to produce great documentation and learn many things. Visual Studio has enabled me to work with developers. Microsoft Office has enabled me to create user guides and presentations.

Thanks Microsoft. Keep up the great work. 

Keith Johnson, Sr. Tech Writer/Trainer/Author

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