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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Self: The Spiritual Sun

In his writings, the late Hindu Master Swami Sivananda said that the Spiritual Self (OM), also called Paramatma, is the true source of Spiritual and Material Light and is the source of all physical suns in the Universe. Paramatma is also called the Oversoul because it watches over all individual souls in all planes of existence and in all life forms - including human. So, the Sun of our Solar System has a similar relationship to the Spiritual Sun as we do (Atman, human soul) to our Spiritual Oversoul (Paramatma). Jesus revealed this understanding when he said "I and the Father are One". Krishna also revealed this understanding when he said "I am the Sacred Syllable OM". We can feel the presence of our Divine Source through the physical sun as well as through love, compassion, empathy, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and other divine qualities and attributes.

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Keith Johnson
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Daily Om Meditation

 Dear Friends, Colleagues, Blog Subscribers, Blog Visitors:

The reason for this post is to shed light on a very important truth: BEING is the foundation of HAVING and DOING. Without BEING, having is not possible. Without BEING, doing is not possible. If you do not exist and you "are not", how can you possibly have anything or do anything? You cannot. It is really that simple. Many spiritual masters, writers, gurus, speakers, and practitioners are well aware of this truth and live their lives in accordance with this important truth. This is a great blessing because the world today is in pursuit of more - more money, more sex, more power, more of this and more of that. Well, both of these are based on the second tier of life - having and doing - and not based on the first. BEING is permanent. You cannot add or take away from BEING. Either you exist or do you not exist.

Anxiety can be removed and reduced by simply remembering that BEING is a great thing. We can just sit and breathe in and breathe out. We can enjoy the sunrise. We can enjoy the sunset. Wealth is never enough. Power is never enough. Desire is never satisfied, says the Buddha. So, let us take a step back from worldliness today...and let us just BE. Like the Beatles also sang "LET IT BE". I could not agree more. Just be....Just relax, let go, and enjoy this moment. Thanks, Namaste.

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