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Friday, May 19, 2017

Daily Om Meditation

Dear Friends: As you venture out today in your car or on your bike, please make these three words your travel mantra: right of way. If a car is moving along at a good pace on a major road you are entering, allow that car to go. Why? Because that car has the Right of Way, by law it can continue without stopping. If it suddenly stopped to let you on, cars would ram it from behind. So, wait your turn! Please. In Miami here I see accidents left and right because Right of Way is violated. Take a breath. Remember that your impatience can potentially kill someone in a traffic accident. Take another breath. Put yourself in the shoes of the car on the major road who has three cars on his/her tail. Can you stop? No. Can you let the side traffic in? No. See? Just be patient. Right of Way will save your life and the lives of others. We are ALL part of the one Universal Spirit, OM. Be kind out there in the traffic. Thank You. 

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