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Friday, May 19, 2017

Daily Om Meditation

Fundamentalist Christians believe that you must be born again to be saved. Moreover, you must be born again within a narrow and exclusive belief system, like believing only in Jesus and not believing any other teachings. This is blindsided and missing the point entirely. Born again in my understanding means going from exclusive to inclusive. It means that you are no longer a racist against others of different skin colors. Jesus cared about all. The greatest prayer to Jesus is to make that change in your heart from exclusive to inclusive. Tibetan Buddhists pray for all living beings and people. So, they are born again in my opinion. Hindus also see Divinity in both God and creation and hence say Namaste. They too are born again. Deciding to love all and care for all..that is born again. It does not matter what your dogmatic belief is. What matters is that you care about all people and all beings...period. Om. Amen.

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