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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Daily Om Meditation

Today's Daily Om Meditation features my two cents on free books and resources. Here it is. Free books are produced all the time by large corporations and large schools. Generally they pay someone to write a book. So, the writer in this case gets paid. The free book helps the large company or school to attract new interest and patrons. Retirees also produce free books to help people and many are financially set with a home and Social Security so the bills are paid. Free books therefore are a major setback to writers who create books that are equal to or better than such free books. Professional writers depend on the book income to pay basic living expenses and care for their families. So, in my humble opinion, every time you get a free book and do not buy at least a kindle or ebook for one dollar, you are placing a nail on the coffin of the middle class and are empowering wealthy corporations. Buy your next book even if it is used. Thank you. Om. Amen.

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