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Sunday, April 16, 2017

On-Site Photography on Demand: Soon Available Via Smartphone App

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Blog Visitors:

I would like to introduce you to Leanne Ferguson - a colleague of mine at LinkedIn, an entrepreneur and seasoned photographer - who is now bringing you a new photography service that can be accessed directly via a smartphone app. Her company is called Galaxy Photoz and its app instantly connects you with a vetted photographer. 

That photographer then comes to your location. There are nine types of photography services rendered: (1) Maternity, (2) Newborn, (3) Cake Smash, (4) Headshots, (5) Engagements, (6) Wedding, (7) Events, (8) Model Portfolio and (9) Portraits.

To find a quality photographer without such an app (and its featured service), you might go to a friend or colleague. Right? But if that person cannot point you in the right direction, then you'd typically have to go online, search through portfolios, check reviews then call for individual quotes and availability.

That process is both time consuming and frustrating. So, when Galaxy Photoz launches its app this coming June, you can simply download the app or go online and be connected to a vetted professional photographer within minutes. Instead of leaving a deposit with someone you just found on the internet, your deposit will be held by Galaxy Photoz itself until you receive your images. This is your assurance of quality and prompt service.

This app is being launched via Indiegogo. So, support this project on Indiegogo today and get some really cool perks while they last. Here is the Indiegogo page announcing the app and its upcoming launch and release.

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Happy Easter: My Favorite Bible Quote

Happy Easter Everyone.

Today, Christians from around the world celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the same time, there are many who also follow and honor Jesus (Yeshua, in Aramaic and Hebrew) but in a way that is consistent with their socio-religious thoughts and culture. Overall, there is something that unites all those who honor Jesus (or who at least say they do): empathy. This is actually the definitive message of the Dalai Lama as he travels the world. Empathy is the way we disarm hatred, discord, false judgement, and more. Empathy is the way out of war and unnecessary conflict. This was the very heart of Jesus' message, I believe. I have studied the Bible my entire life and have studied and prayed with many different sectors of the Christian faith. So, how can mankind overcome all the division in this world right now. It is very simple....just follow this one commandment of Jesus...which goes like this..."whatever you do to the least of men (and women) do to me". Think about this the next time you put down someone. Think about how it hurts to be falsely judged or criticized. Agree? Empathy. One simple word. A way to unify humanity and help get us all out of war, conflict, sickness, disease, and more. If there is anything pleasing to Jesus....I seriously believe it is in following this very simple commandment. Thanks. Happy Easter. Regards, Keith 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

We all tread two paths in this life

According to many bonafide spiritual masters and even medical doctors, we all tread two paths in this lifetime...the path of survival (e.g. money) and the path of love. As you can see, the path of love is totally positive, supportive and constructive. When you are loved, you feel empowered. Your health is better and you can give abundantly in your activities. However, the path of money is different. Money concerns leads to stress, bad health, and eventually you can come down with one or more chronic illnesses due to this unrelenting stress. What is the solution? Well, for me, the solution has always been to consume less. As you have a life based on simplicity, then you will need less money and then the money concern is downgraded at least in part. Also, the less time you spend making money, the more time you will have for activities that are centered around charity and goodwill. Whether it is meditation or prayer or teaching, goodwill uplifts everyone. The key to making this shift is simple: you need to remember that you are not your assets or your activity. You simply are. Your presence is what matters, and there is no commercial or economic activity that can change who you are as a person. This is a great spiritual understanding that can help you to mitigate financial stress and then participate in activities centered around goodwill and charity. If we all can make this tiny shift, in person and in group, then society will be transformed before you know it, for the better.