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Saturday, January 21, 2017

House as a Metaphor for Life

Dear Blog Subscribers and Visitors:

I saw on Facebook tonight that one of the Kardashian girls recently received almost one million likes on Instagram for a semi-nude photo. This is very sad. I feel sad for the young woman as well as for the people who clicked like on that image. Here is why. The physical body is our foundation, just like the foundation of a house like the one you see at the top of this post here. The foundation is not the purpose of life. Worship of the body and physical image is not the purpose of our life. The body changes. Eventually the body will get old and will expire. I believe that the purpose of life is to use the body for higher purposes, especially intellectual and societal ones. The foundation of a house is made up of stones or cement. Is that very exciting? Not really - and I hope you agree. But if the foundation of a house is used to secure a nice living space in the house then the foundation has served well. So, if we take care of our physical bodies so that we can go to school, work, and be productive in individual and collective ways, then we have done well for ourselves and the world. If we think that the only thing that matters is our body we will suffer greatly because the body soon gets old and has issues. But if we take care of ourselves so the body is in good shape and we can engage ourselves in positive activities that enrich our lives and others' lives....then our proverbial house of the soul has been properly understood and utilized. Thanks.

Keith Charles Johnson
Senior Technical Writer
Senior OM Meditation Practitioner

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