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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Economics 2016: Nobody Wants To Pay

Happy Saturday Blog Readers, Subscribers, and Visitors: As I write this post, the US Election has just finished and Donald Trump is the new President-Elect to be sworn in as the 45th US President in late January of 2017. Right now, the US National Debt is at about 19.5 Trillion US Dollars and it keeps increasing each day. Can President-Elect Trump resolve our debt issue or will this be on our national plate for centuries ahead? I believe the debt is here to stay and here is why.....

1. Politicians use PUBLIC MONIES to fund their projects, not personal money. This drives national debt up because this is called deficit spending. 
2. The Wealthy borrow money from the banks and also when they spend they are STINGY. So, rather than paying workers a truly fair wage they get labor for the cheapest possible rate to keep the money they have on their side. How do think Apple Corporation has become a one trillion dollar corporation? The answer is simple: slave labor in the Far East like China and India. People work for peanuts while Apple charges over $600 for a new iPhone, for example. 
3. The Middle Class are buried in debt. They will spend some money and work hard, but their credit is limited and they are already compromised to the neck with daily bills like rent/mortgage, health/car insurance, car payment, food, lights, cell, clothing, and other utilities, just to name a few. 
4. The Lower Class has no money and lives off the government or some source of subsidy. Some in this class do not work or cannot work so their contribution to paying off debt is minimal. 

Can this be changed for the better? Probably not. We live in tough times and the rich have laws that protect them and that keep the middle class and lower class constantly struggling to survive. It is a literal economic blood bath, sorry to say. In the end, nobody wants to pay and yet everyone wants everything for free, especially the rich. Go figure.