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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Windows 10 Productivity Guide Spans 244 Pages

Dear Friends and Visitors:

My brand new book the Windows 10 Productivity Guide spans an amazing 244 pages to give you the latest and greatest about Microsoft Windows 10. Please notice that most books out there (e.g. my competitors on the web and at Amazon) were written LAST YEAR! My book is fresh off the press, literally, and gives you the most up-to-date information about Windows 10.

On top of that, the e-version of the book in all forms (ePub, PDF, Kindle, Mobi, etc) is just $1.99 (dirt cheap). What more could you possibly ask for in a book? I have infused over 20 years of Technical Writing experience and insights about Windows 10 into this book. You will not be disappointed! Best Regards. Keith

Click here for the paperback version

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