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Monday, February 1, 2016

Windows 10 Productivity Tips

Dear Friends and Visitors: I am currently completing the manuscript for a new book that will be called "The Windows 10 Productivity Guide". I have written about 220 pages of a 240 page manuscript and the book will be featuring four major areas: Installation/Activation of Windows 10, Navigation, Apps, and Settings (which covers Security). Just as a "teaser" for the book, here are three ways Windows 10 can help become more productive:

1. Cortana (the new Digital Assistant) can help you with many tasks - like locating and tracking a package your bought and seeing where it is now.

2. Start Menu is easy to use and features both Apps and Tiles for each navigation.

3. Settings is a new digital format for Control Panel (from Windows 7 and 8) and you can customize your Windows 10 experience easily through the Settings options. 

Will keep you all posted as the book nears completion.

Best Regards, Keith

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