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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lottery Fever: What I would do with 1 Billion US Dollars

Last night, three lucky souls won the Powerball lottery - and so will split the gross amount of $1.5 billions dollars (USD). I wish them happiness and also luck in being able to maintain their peace and live in a way that corresponds with their inner ethics and sense of freedom.

If I won the Powerball - there are three things I would do.

1. I would create a massive center for silent meditation - non-denominational, somewhere out in Montana or Idaho or the Dakotas where there is space. It would be 100% free and I would budget a percentage of the winnings to annual expenses for a retreat like this - for all to enjoy.

2. I would host a rock and roll show  - also in the middle of nowhere - like in Kansas or Nebraska where it is flat - and invite about 100 bands to play. It would be totally free and for all to enjoy. I would be challenging Woodstock in terms of actual people attending the show.

3. I would invest in great entrepreneurs - especially the ones who were denied by the bankers and other Venture Capitalists. It is one thing to be ambitious, but greed in our times is sometimes too much and the people with the money have little patience for good projects that sometimes require time itself. I would try to be that VC who would stand by great project ideas that will help humanity and that are not "good enough" for those at the top of the VC foodchain.

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