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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Google's Project Fi: Looks Interesting

About three weeks ago I received an invitation from Google to sign-up and wait for an invite for its new telecom network called "Project Fi" - and I am assuming "fi" is from the word "wi-fi". 

What is unique about this new telecom carrier network is its ability to work with a combination of wi-fi hotspots along with towers from Sprint and T-Mobile. I am currently a customer of Consumer Cellular which uses AT&T towers which are very reliable and good, but I am always eager to be part of Google technologies as they usually have something unique and of high quality.

The only real caveat of this new Fi that you must have a Google (Nexus) phone. So, you cannot just transfer your iPhone or number over to Fi. It does not work that way. Perhaps you can transfer your number over to the network but you must switch devices.

Google technology is always great....let's see what Fi has in store and if I do in fact make the switch in a few months.

Cheers, Keith

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