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Monday, November 2, 2015

Google RankBrain: Search with Artificial Intelligence

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Google has recently "raised the bar" when it comes to sophistication in its Search Algorithms. Specifically, and just a few days ago, according to reputable tech-websites on the Internet, Google is now using a form of artificial intelligence called "RankBrain".

According to several reports I read, when Google Search experts (Google employees) took on a challenge of interpreting search requests and finding the best possible matches and returns for those searches, RankBrain outperformed Google's own staff by about 10%.

Moreover, due to the extensive amount of Web Searches done today - across all devices - phones, tablets, and computers of all types - and especially through the Google app and main Search portal - this new AI will come in very handy because Google wants to remain as top dog in Web Search.

This is a relatively new technology that Google is using to enhance its Web Search results for users.

Google admits that it has a long way to go - but this is great considering that the web itself is growing and when you search at or with its app - you want essentially what you are after.

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Keith Charles Johnson, MBA MS Education
Senior Tech Writer and Software Trainer
Hollywood, Florida, USA
Author of The Google Productivity Guide
Author of The Affirmations Productivity Guide

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