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Monday, November 2, 2015

Dharma: A Guiding Light in My Life

Dear Friends and Visitors:

There is a word from Ancient India's Sanskrit Language which is very dear to me. It is the word DHARMA. Dharma sounds similar to "karma" but it is unique. Specifically, DHARMA means spiritual support through awareness. The idea behind this term is that the way Spirit is able to support us all is through total awareness centered in love and compassion.

We also must strive to serve Dharma because by mindfully serving the needs of others through love and compassion and also wisdom, this builds our positive relationship with our Divine Source.

When we lead our lives in ways that are pleasing to the Dharma Masters (like Christ, Buddha, Krishna and others), then positive results will follow. There are no shortcuts to true and lasting health and success.

Dharma is always a light in my life because truth radiates spiritual light 24/7.

There is always peace and happiness and contentment in Dharma.

Thanks, Namaste.

Keith Charles Johnson, MBA, MS Education
Senior Tech Writer and Senior OM Meditation Practitioner
Author, The Affirmations Productivity Guide 

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