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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Crossing the River: OM Meditation

Today's post is spiritual in nature. It is a simple reflection on a path I have taken now for many years that is a supportive role in my life. It is the path of OM Meditation. You see, growing up in Connecticut as a "Christian" youth, I grew up feeling alienated from other cultures and religions around the world. The traditional path of Christianity is very exclusive in nature and either you tow the line or are considered a non-believer. I have never liked this radical and heartless path of Christianity.

In my fifty years of living, people across the board from many religions, cultures, nations, and belief systems have been there for me in many ways. So, how does one reconcile many different belief systems and find peace knowing that many of these belief systems are at odds and exclusive in nature? It took me about 40 years of living, but eventually I discovered an ancient meditation practice called OM Meditation. You see, OM is a natural sound in the ether that we all experience. OM is said to be the sound vibration, according to advanced yoga masters, that is the true heart and essence of all living beings, human beings, and the cosmos itself. So, by chanting "OM" and meditating on this sound, you are becoming "one" existentially with life, presence, being, and more, transcending limitations falsely imposed by religion, politics, nationalism, culture, and more.

The Divine Sound "OM" was revealed to advanced meditation masters (called yogis) many thousands of years ago, in ancient India. According to these men (also called rishis, or divine seers), God is a Formless Spiritual Being that is beyond physical form, but who can assume form if needed as in the form of an avatar, and OM is the method by which this being created the universe. So, we are literally made "out of" the OM sound. So, by chanting OM and meditating on this Divine Sound, we re-connect our consciousness to our true source and in this way re-merge with our Divine Source, which some call "God" and others call "Divine Source".

Today, interestingly enough, we have words like Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent. The essence of each word is the OM prefix, meaning unlimited, or infinite. And of course our Divine Source is Infinite in nature, hence the appropriate call or invocation of "OM" honoring that truth.

I would love to set up a simple OM meditation ministry, with your financial support. Right now I just survive and work a job like everyone else but if I could get the financial support of anyone out there who honors what I have shared here in this post, I will create free e-books and even perhaps set up a simple free meditation center focused exclusively on meditation, and not theology or religion. This center will become a beacon of light and hope in a world divided by exclusive and divisive belief systems. Like the Buddha said (and even Pink Floyd sang in one of their songs) "Together we stand....divided we fall". I could not agree more. Thank You.



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