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Monday, October 12, 2015

Daily Word: Tread

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Today's Daily Word is "tread" which is an intransitive verb that means "to walk on or to walk over". There is a flag that is a historical one that goes back many years to early America. This flag says "don't tread on me" and is a message of the new American people to England from which America established its freedom. Today, in rock and roll circles, the "don't tread on me" flag and symbol has been adopted by bands like Metallica (Black album) as a message of defiance against authority.

Tread, however, can be used in a positive way too, as in the statement...

"May you have a great journey, but in some places, tread with caution". Here, the person supports the traveler but uses the word "tread" in supportive yet cautionary way.

In general, tread is a neutral verb and it is the context of use that determines its impact in the sentence.

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