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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Daily Word: CD (Compact Disc)

Dear Friends and Visitors:

Today's daily word is "CD" which is an acronym for Compact Disc.

Generally, you do not have to spell out the two words "compact" and "disc" because this term is used across the world and is commonplace in many languages above and beyond the English language. However, if there is any question of cultural reference, you are free to spell out the two words.

CD technology emerged in the 1980s and became mainstream in about 1990. CDs are great vehicles to store and play music due to their physical resilience. CDs are also great ways to store computer files, programs, and data. Walking my dog one day, I crossed a street that had an abandoned CD on the hot asphalt. So, I picked it up, cleaned it off, and tested it out in my computer's CD drive. It played just fine. Probably, many cars drove over this CD and it's music files still played well. CDs are truly amazing technology and even though we have purely electronic means to record and play music today, the compact disc will stand the test of time and endure, in my humble opinion.

Keep on rockin!

Cheers and Happy Wednesday.

Keith Charles Johnson, MBA, MS Education
Senior Tech Writer and Software Trainer
Hollywood, Florida, USA
Author, The Google Productivity Guide
Author, The Affirmations Productivity Guide
Author, Musings of a Tech Writer 

Note: CD image is creative commons from Wikimedia. 

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