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Friday, October 2, 2015

Anchoring in OM Meditation

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Today's world - as well as yesterday's world and tomorrow's world - is characterized by change and change alone. There is the famous saying that "the only thing that does not change itself". I agree with this statement 99.99 percent. However, there is one small tiny error of contention regarding this saying ... and this is because of the longstanding spiritual teaching about the timeless presence of what I like to call, as Dr. Wayne Dyer has called and named, our Divine Source, the Eternal and Timeless Transcendental Presence. My favorite way to access this presence is the practice of OM Meditation. The Himalayan Yogis (Meditation Masters) teach that OM is the timeless sound vibration that is the result of the Timeless Divine Presence, our True Source of Being. So, by chanting OM  - you connect directly with your Divine Source.

OM Meditation is free and easy. I highly recommend this practice for peace, renewal, happiness, detachment, insight, and more. All great masters of the past have identified with the OM in some way. According to the late Hindu Saint Ramakrishna, OM meditation honors our Divine Source in both avatar (form) and conceptual (formless) ways. So, in this way, the OM chant and OM meditation thought is complete unto itself. Cheers, Happy Meditating, Keith

Keith Charles Johnson, MBA, MS Education
Senior Technical Writer & Software Trainer
Senior OM Meditation Practitioner
Hollywood, Florida, USA
Author, SOS: Sayings of Shiva
Author, The Affirmations Productivity Guide

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