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Friday, September 25, 2015

Udacity - Nanodegree - Kudos to Sebastian Thrun

The current and impressive Educational Venture of former Google X Director Sebastian Thrun - Udacity - has a brilliant approach to education and I hope that my son (who is in college right now) will consider this path - the path of a "nanodegree".

Udacity's Nanodegree

Here is why...

A nanodegree is focused and is also a proven market concept. With such a degree, there is no question that the academics covered can be applied in the real world immediately - which is not the case of traditional degrees at traditional schools.

A nanodegree is shaped by industry leaders like Google and other great companies. Surely, they need people who can attain company milestones and goals and this is a great way to ensure progress starting at the academic level with students.

A nanodegree is very affordable. Compare the price of a nanodegree against a four year degree at a private college or university. The differences in both time and cost will amaze you.

Again, kudos to Sebastian Thrun on this one. Well done. Heck, even at my mid-career age here, I might even go back to school to take advantage of such an amazing opportunity.

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