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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten OM Meditation Affirmations

Meditation has been ... and continues to be an empowering force in my life. Meditation is a veritable refuge during difficult times of stress and change. More specifically, the ancient practice of OM meditation enables me to connect directly with my Cosmic and Divine Source. After about ten minutes of OM meditation, I feel like I have slept well for about thirty minutes. Here are ten affirmations that will inspire you regarding this practice...of OM meditation...

OM...stands for Original Manufacturer (as in Creator of the Universe)
OM...stands for Original Man (the Divine Source from which mankind has originated)
OM...stands for Original Mountain (the Mountain from which one can see 360 degrees)
OM...stands for Original Music (the Divine Sound OM is the essence of the Cosmos)
OM...stands for Original Mantra (the Universe is based on sound structure)
OM...stands for Original Mana (in the Bible, Mana is Heavenly Food and Nourishment)
OM...stands for Original Meditator (eastern faiths envision God as a Meditating Yogi)
OM...stands for Original Master (eastern faiths trace lineages back to Gurus and God)
OM...stands for Original Maestro (as in the Maestro of a Cosmic Orchestra)
OM...stands for Original Metta (in Tibetan and Sanskrit, this is Divine Compassion)


Wishing you success with your meditations.

Keith Charles Johnson
Senior Om Meditation Practitioner
Senior Technical Writer
Author, Sayings of Shiva
Author, Affirmations Productivity Guide

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