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Friday, July 3, 2015

Google Productivity Guide: Three Steps to Success on the Web

My recent book "The Google Productivity Guide" features a three-step approach to helping you toward greater overall productivity on the World Wide Web. First, you need to improve upon Search techniques and skills. The first part of the book covers this area. There are some ways to generate more specific results and this will save you time. Second, you need to improve knowledge of the overall Google Platform (as a Google user with a basic gmail account, for example). There are many awesome resources like Translate, Google Voice, and Maps that can help you in great ways. Third, you need to improve your browsing skills and by arming your browser with great add-ons (extensions for Chrome) you will expedite your conquest of the web, without a doubt. Check out my book - it is super cheap, super informative, and super helpful. Cheers, Happy Reading, Keith

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