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Saturday, January 21, 2017

House as a Metaphor for Life

Dear Blog Subscribers and Visitors:

I saw on Facebook tonight that one of the Kardashian girls recently received almost one million likes on Instagram for a semi-nude photo. This is very sad. I feel sad for the young woman as well as for the people who clicked like on that image. Here is why. The physical body is our foundation, just like the foundation of a house like the one you see at the top of this post here. The foundation is not the purpose of life. Worship of the body and physical image is not the purpose of our life. The body changes. Eventually the body will get old and will expire. I believe that the purpose of life is to use the body for higher purposes, especially intellectual and societal ones. The foundation of a house is made up of stones or cement. Is that very exciting? Not really - and I hope you agree. But if the foundation of a house is used to secure a nice living space in the house then the foundation has served well. So, if we take care of our physical bodies so that we can go to school, work, and be productive in individual and collective ways, then we have done well for ourselves and the world. If we think that the only thing that matters is our body we will suffer greatly because the body soon gets old and has issues. But if we take care of ourselves so the body is in good shape and we can engage ourselves in positive activities that enrich our lives and others' lives....then our proverbial house of the soul has been properly understood and utilized. Thanks.

Keith Charles Johnson
Senior Technical Writer
Senior OM Meditation Practitioner

Two Best Business Skills: Empathy and Vision

Happy Saturday Blog Readers and Subscribers.

Today I would like to briefly mention what I believe are the top two business skills of all times. They are empathy and vision. Empathy, as you can imagine, means having a heart. This does not imply weakness. Rather, to have feelings means you are strong. When you can see into the experience of the trainee, customer or client means you have a developed intellect and a developed sense of character. When you can see things from someone else's perspective is powerful. Then, with that knowledge and insight, you will know what to say that will drive your sales presentation or training presentation. You will be able to present aspects of your product or service that will best serve the needs and interests of person on the other side of the table, if you will. Vision is similar but this is more strategic. Vision allows you to align the journey of the customer or client with your journey as the vendor and/or provider of a good or service. Vision allows you to stay in constant contact with your client as he or she makes the journey with you and puts your goods or services to good use. You then can do your best to ensure that your client or customer achieves his or her goals and that your product or service has served well in this process.

Keith Charles Johnson
Senior Tech Writer
Senior Technology Author 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Windows 10 for Seniors and Beginners by Keith Johnson

Happy New Year 2017 blog subscribers and visitors. I wish you a great year ahead. This post is to simply remind you of a great book I wrote just several months ago called Windows 10 for Seniors and Beginners. This book is designed to help all Windows 10 users who value instruction and guidance - beginners, novice users, small business users, the elderly, students, and more. This book is written to help you, the new or novice Windows 10 user to learn and master basic navigation and settings so that you can experience Windows 10 in a way that is best for you. Windows 10 is very intuitive but with a guide like my book, you will become a true master user and can easily install a printer, connect to different WiFi networks, use accessory applications, and more. The book is live at both Amazon and CreateSpace for just seven dollars and change. Happy Reading, Keith 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Economics 2016: Nobody Wants To Pay

Happy Saturday Blog Readers, Subscribers, and Visitors: As I write this post, the US Election has just finished and Donald Trump is the new President-Elect to be sworn in as the 45th US President in late January of 2017. Right now, the US National Debt is at about 19.5 Trillion US Dollars and it keeps increasing each day. Can President-Elect Trump resolve our debt issue or will this be on our national plate for centuries ahead? I believe the debt is here to stay and here is why.....

1. Politicians use PUBLIC MONIES to fund their projects, not personal money. This drives national debt up because this is called deficit spending. 
2. The Wealthy borrow money from the banks and also when they spend they are STINGY. So, rather than paying workers a truly fair wage they get labor for the cheapest possible rate to keep the money they have on their side. How do think Apple Corporation has become a one trillion dollar corporation? The answer is simple: slave labor in the Far East like China and India. People work for peanuts while Apple charges over $600 for a new iPhone, for example. 
3. The Middle Class are buried in debt. They will spend some money and work hard, but their credit is limited and they are already compromised to the neck with daily bills like rent/mortgage, health/car insurance, car payment, food, lights, cell, clothing, and other utilities, just to name a few. 
4. The Lower Class has no money and lives off the government or some source of subsidy. Some in this class do not work or cannot work so their contribution to paying off debt is minimal. 

Can this be changed for the better? Probably not. We live in tough times and the rich have laws that protect them and that keep the middle class and lower class constantly struggling to survive. It is a literal economic blood bath, sorry to say. In the end, nobody wants to pay and yet everyone wants everything for free, especially the rich. Go figure. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Success Principles and Practices by Keith Johnson

Happy Saturday Blog Visitors and Subscribers.

Today I am giving a shout out to you all about my brand new book SUCCESS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES. For about fifteen years I have been following the teachings of the historical Buddha and also those of the current and 14th Dalai Lama formerly of Tibet and now from Dharamsala, India. The teachings are powerful and transformative. The Dalai Lama has said many, many times the following: "to practice virtue is to practice success". That is the essence of my new book - virtue. So, with that said, the book takes the plunge and dives deeply into 100 virtues that you can practice and that can become the TRUE foundation of success for your life and activities. Our modern culture has a very narrow definition of success: having a fat wallet. But that is not necessarily true, as my book tells you (via two stories which I will not reveal here but I want you to read in the book itself). Money is precarious. If you earn it correctly, it is a blessing. If you earn is wrongly and by harming others, it will not last long, to be blunt. So, success that I portray here is LASTING SUCCESS and not transitory success. The book is just five US dollars and change and is finally posted and live at CreateSpace and Amazon. Happy Reading to you all. I sincerely wish you success with your lives and endeavors. Cheers, Keith 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Direct Path to Being

When we are centered in pure being - we attain peace of mind and peace of body. We feel totally relaxed and happy and content. However, to attain this state of existence takes some practice and through practice, we overcome obstacles placed in our path by beings of lower energy levels. The mantra that can help us to attain higher and higher states of true being is "OM" according to yoga masters and gurus of the Far East. I have tried to capture the essence of this thought in a diagram which I have included at the top of this post for your convenience. Wishing You Peace.


Keith Charles Johnson

Senior Tech Writer
Senior OM Meditation Practitioner

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Entrepreneurship Matters by Keith Johnson

Dear Blog Friends, Subscribers and Visitors:

In 2012 I was working for a payments-processing software company (Qpay) in North Miami, Florida and was greatly inspired by the company's owners and C level executives. I learned greatly from this work experience and I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the journey of the entrepreneur. Hence, "Entrepreneurship Matters" was born (as a book).

Today, I work for a different company, however remain inspired by entrepreneurs and how these brave individuals take a concept and bring it from just a concept into a final product or service that the marketplace can consume. I would say that I have worked for about 10 great entrepreneurs in my lifetime and each has helped me to further appreciate the need for entrepreneurship.

The opposite of entrepreneurship of course is government and stagnancy. Right now, I am working at a company that has me writing final written manuals for submission to the FAA. It is a difficult task because government does not evolve as quickly as the business world. So, many things that are required in these manuals are legacies of the past in modern day business. So, you see, entrepreneurship helps us to move forward as a society and improve on process.

My 2012 book Entrepreneurship Matters is still a great book and the content will still help you to move your idea into the marketplace. I wish you success with your professional endeavors.

Best Regards, Keith Johnson

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