Saturday, January 14, 2017

Best Price among Windows 10 Paperbacks at Amazon

My book Windows 10 for Seniors and Beginners is the best priced book about Windows 10 at in the category of paperback technology books. Cheers, Keith

Windows 10 for Seniors and Beginners by Keith Johnson

Happy New Year 2017 blog subscribers and visitors. I wish you a great year ahead. This post is to simply remind you of a great book I wrote just several months ago called Windows 10 for Seniors and Beginners. This book is designed to help all Windows 10 users who value instruction and guidance - beginners, novice users, small business users, the elderly, students, and more. This book is written to help you, the new or novice Windows 10 user to learn and master basic navigation and settings so that you can experience Windows 10 in a way that is best for you. Windows 10 is very intuitive but with a guide like my book, you will become a true master user and can easily install a printer, connect to different WiFi networks, use accessory applications, and more. The book is live at both Amazon and CreateSpace for just seven dollars and change. Happy Reading, Keith 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Buddha's Wheel

The practices of meditation and contemplation are powerful. Here is one insight that the Buddha Mind has granted me - the insight regarding a highly materialistic life. The more material things we aspire to have, the more we must travail the path indicated by the diagram above. Not having makes us angry and envious. Both of these are negative energies. Having, on the other hand, produces distrust and guilt because perhaps we have something and someone does not. Eventually, those that have will be motivated to give and this eventually returns the person to the domain of not having. This is not quantitative but rather per item or accomplishment. However, overall, if we can practice silent meditation, zen, contemplation, or just a quiet walking meditation and return in awareness to the wonderment that comes with being alive, then we will desire fewer material objects and fewer material titles. We will begin to be happy just because we are here and alive and we are breathing and in good health. Many people of course are not so fortunate. So, the lesson here is to practice either meditation or contemplation in some way. This is the path to awareness and will help us to escape this vicious cycle. Many people think that having a large sum of money is the answer to life. This is only a temporary fix. A robber can steal your money. You can get sick and owe the hospital a large sum of money. Someone can sue you. Someone can extort you. So, again, the lesson here is to learn to appreciate small things and small amounts of material wealth. This gets you off the rat wheel.

Keith Charles Johnson, MBA, MS Education
Senior Technical Writer & Senior Om Meditation Practitioner 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ten Reasons to Chant OM

The Sacred Syllable OM is the cornerstone of spiritual paths like Hinduism, Yoga, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and many other related religions and New Age paths. OM is said to be the "Word of God" according to the late and great Swami Sivananda and OM is said to be the sound of our Buddha nature, according to the current 14th Dalai Lama. There are even some mystic Christians and Jews of the Kaballah path who recognize OM as a major Name of God or Divine Spirit and so meditating on this Sound is a sacred practice that confers many benefits. For me, personally, here are Ten Reasons why you should chant OM.

1. OM is the Original Name of God according to ancient masters like Krishna and Sankara.
2. OM is the Definitive Sound of "Laya" or Mantra Yoga which connects us with our Source.
3. OM is the first word of many sacred mantras invoking the presence of Divine Beings.
4. OM is the same as I AM which is how God describes Himself in the Bible.
5. OM is a sound heard in meditation; so you can just think about OM and benefit. 
6. OM is the first word of many Buddhist chants and prayers conferring awakening. 
7. OM is the Original Form of the Sikh invocation Ek Onkar. 
8. OM is the single-syllable form of Omkar, meaning the Divine Sound.
9. OM is the single-syllable form of Pranava, meaning the Divine Life Force. 
10. "He who calls upon the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved". Food for thought.

Note: It is my understanding that this image of OM is a creative commons image that is all over the web, so with that said, I am using this image to support a positive spiritual message. Namaste.

Keith Charles Johnson
MBA, MS Education
Senior Technical Writer
Senior OM Meditation Practitioner

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Economics 2016: Nobody Wants To Pay

Happy Saturday Blog Readers, Subscribers, and Visitors: As I write this post, the US Election has just finished and Donald Trump is the new President-Elect to be sworn in as the 45th US President in late January of 2017. Right now, the US National Debt is at about 19.5 Trillion US Dollars and it keeps increasing each day. Can President-Elect Trump resolve our debt issue or will this be on our national plate for centuries ahead? I believe the debt is here to stay and here is why.....

1. Politicians use PUBLIC MONIES to fund their projects, not personal money. This drives national debt up because this is called deficit spending. 
2. The Wealthy borrow money from the banks and also when they spend they are STINGY. So, rather than paying workers a truly fair wage they get labor for the cheapest possible rate to keep the money they have on their side. How do think Apple Corporation has become a one trillion dollar corporation? The answer is simple: slave labor in the Far East like China and India. People work for peanuts while Apple charges over $600 for a new iPhone, for example. 
3. The Middle Class are buried in debt. They will spend some money and work hard, but their credit is limited and they are already compromised to the neck with daily bills like rent/mortgage, health/car insurance, car payment, food, lights, cell, clothing, and other utilities, just to name a few. 
4. The Lower Class has no money and lives off the government or some source of subsidy. Some in this class do not work or cannot work so their contribution to paying off debt is minimal. 

Can this be changed for the better? Probably not. We live in tough times and the rich have laws that protect them and that keep the middle class and lower class constantly struggling to survive. It is a literal economic blood bath, sorry to say. In the end, nobody wants to pay and yet everyone wants everything for free, especially the rich. Go figure. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Success Principles and Practices by Keith Johnson

Happy Saturday Blog Visitors and Subscribers.

Today I am giving a shout out to you all about my brand new book SUCCESS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES. For about fifteen years I have been following the teachings of the historical Buddha and also those of the current and 14th Dalai Lama formerly of Tibet and now from Dharamsala, India. The teachings are powerful and transformative. The Dalai Lama has said many, many times the following: "to practice virtue is to practice success". That is the essence of my new book - virtue. So, with that said, the book takes the plunge and dives deeply into 100 virtues that you can practice and that can become the TRUE foundation of success for your life and activities. Our modern culture has a very narrow definition of success: having a fat wallet. But that is not necessarily true, as my book tells you (via two stories which I will not reveal here but I want you to read in the book itself). Money is precarious. If you earn it correctly, it is a blessing. If you earn is wrongly and by harming others, it will not last long, to be blunt. So, success that I portray here is LASTING SUCCESS and not transitory success. The book is just five US dollars and change and is finally posted and live at CreateSpace and Amazon. Happy Reading to you all. I sincerely wish you success with your lives and endeavors. Cheers, Keith 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Direct Path to Being

When we are centered in pure being - we attain peace of mind and peace of body. We feel totally relaxed and happy and content. However, to attain this state of existence takes some practice and through practice, we overcome obstacles placed in our path by beings of lower energy levels. The mantra that can help us to attain higher and higher states of true being is "OM" according to yoga masters and gurus of the Far East. I have tried to capture the essence of this thought in a diagram which I have included at the top of this post for your convenience. Wishing You Peace.


Keith Charles Johnson

Senior Tech Writer
Senior OM Meditation Practitioner