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Sunday, September 24, 2017

OM Avatars

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Blog Visitors:

I have been on the Spiritual Path since I was about 10 years old. At that age, I became an avid reader and I have been an avid reader ever since. Why? Because I love to learn and grow and challenge my current level of understanding with new information and insights. Regarding the Ultimate Truth of our Existence, let me say this. I have studied the Gita, Dhammapada, Bible, and many other religious and holy texts and the diagram above is what I feel is true. I believe God is indescribable so the best way to understand God is through Sound, called Shabdha and the greatest revelation of God or Divine Sound is OM. This is according to great masters of ancient India who dedicated their lives to understanding their very own existence. OM says it all. Now, this truth is validated in the teachings and awareness of Krishna, Sankara, and Buddha, three holy men of ancient India as well as in the teachings of Jesus Christ (Yeshua, in Hebrew/Aramaic). I have recently updated one of my free e-books on the web for all the read and enjoy.

Here is the link, it is called Refuge in OM.

You see, I have a hard time with the divisive language and some of the Bible's teachings from the literal standpoint. However, from the symbolic side, there is sense and meaning. I believe that Jesus quite literally is an incarnation, or divine appearance of Spirit (God) who/that is beyond definition and so it is easier for us to approach the Absolute through a personality and form like Jesus, but I also believe that once you understand Jesus' essence to be OM, you will see that this Sacred Essence is not just there in Jesus but also in Divine Souls like Sankara, Krishna, and Buddha. Each life has a unique purpose and like Forrest Gump once said "Mama told me God is mysterious". Well, I agree.

Best Regards to you and yours.

Keith Johnson

Monday, September 4, 2017

Windows 10 Pocket Guide

Happy Labor Day 2017 Blog Subscribers, Friends and Followers. 

I am finalizing, right now, a book entitled the WINDOWS 10 POCKET GUIDE which should be live on the Internet (CreateSpace and Amazon Web Portals/Sites) in just a few days. Why have I created this book? It is quite simple. People are on the go today. Timeless things are timeless for a reason. The classical paperback that you can place in your back pocket as you are doing things is something that will never ever go out of style, in my humble professional opinion. So, a pocket guide is readily available to you at all times as you are on the go. The book is appropriately-sized yet complete with more than 90 chapters of useful and insightful info that you can apply toward your Windows 10 experience. I personally and professionally endorse Windows 10 as a Senior Technical Writer and Software Trainer. Windows 10 is full of useful apps, has a great and secure browser, and is designed to keep you safe from hackers. What more could you want? For me, it fits the bill for both personal and professional computer use. I will let you all know when the book is live on the web. Cheers.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

SnagIt as a Learning Tool

One of the best ways to learn a new software application (alias, platform) is to create diagrams and charts and images that show how the system works. This can be done easily and quickly in SnagIt, a great graphics resource from Tech Smith. I have been using this program since 2008 and it has always come through for me. Sure, you can use Microsoft Visio for detailed diagramming. But for concepts a bit more high level, all you need is SnagIt.

Best Regards,

Jesus, Yeshua, Yeshe

I have ALWAYS been fascinated with (1) history, (2) culture, (3) religion, and how these three are inter-twined. Of course religious leaders will never comment on something like this. They see life through colored classes and are paid to maintain the status-quo of their respective faith(s). 

However, I am not bound by any such covenant. My only covenant is the pursuit of truth for what it is. Period. And here is another amazing piece of history right before our very eyes. The word we have today "Jesus" is actually a second or third generation incarnation of the original Hebrew/Aramaic word/name "Yeshua". That is really what Jesus was called during his lifetime. He was a Jew who spoke Hebrew and also the local language was Aramaic. So, he was called Yeshua. 

Now, interestingly, there is a very auspicious title in Tibetan Buddhism called "Yeshe". 

It means "Wise One" or "Wisdom Holder". Sometimes Tibetan Lamas have as part of their formal name the word "Yeshe". 

It is an amazing find, the similarity between the name YESHUA and the title YESHE

The roots of both words are exactly the same. 

Too good to be true? I will let you decide. 

For me, Jesus indeed was Wise, Intelligent, Insightful, and most certainly Awakened. 

Namaste, Keith 

The Tibetan OM Symbol

Happy Saturday Friends and Visitors:

Today's blog post is about the practice of Tibetan Buddhism and its use of the OM sound, which is symbolized in the image above in Tibetan Script. The use of mantras - or sound formulas - is the most common aspect of Tibetan Buddhist practice, that is, formally speaking. Of course Tibetan Buddhist monks are kind, humble, compassionate, and practice universal love for all living beings from within their practice. However, the OM sound is unique and very very powerful. It is the foundation for most of the mantra recitations they all do. OM means six things, according to both the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhist scholars: (1) Totality of Sound, (2) Totality of Existence, (3) Infinity, (4) Absolute Truth, (5) Oneness, and (6) Total Blessedness. 

OM has been one of my major spiritual practices for about fifteen years now. OM is complete benevolence, support, love, compassion, wisdom, and fraternity. You are never alone when you chant OM. Why? Spiritual masters say that advanced beings hear one chanting OM and then they come to be with you and watch over you. From what I have studied between both Hinduism and Buddhism, OM is also called the Sound of the Holy Ghost (according to Kriya Yoga Master Paramahansa Yogananda) and this is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity of Christianity. So, OM is verily the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit. So, you are calling on God Himself/Herself. This of course probably does not fly from within Orthodox Biblical Circles but does fly from within esoteric Christian circles. I sincerely believe that God/Divine Source is SPIRIT, above and beyond all limited forms.


Namaste, Keith

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

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I am announcing my PayPal page here at this post because as a freelance writer, and I depend on donations to cover my professional expenses. I have written over forty free e-books over the past ten years and donations are what enable me to continue ahead. The more time I have to spend at a regular job, the less time I have to write books about things that will change the world for the better. I have extensive spiritual, cultural, and academic training and am applying this knowledge in my books for the benefit of humanity. For those who cannot donate to my PayPal page, I understand. But for those of you who have enjoyed one of my books, it is not without cost and also the investment of time to create the book. It takes many years of training to be able to bring you these books. It also takes courage and time on my part to endure and absorb the path of self-publishing to bring you books that are not censored by the government or large corporations. Your support keeps me in the game and helps those who cannot donate to continue to receive and read my books. Thanks for your support. May both Lord Buddha and Lord Jesus bless you greatly. Cheers, Keith

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Windows 10 Productivity Guide: Your Definitive Guide to Microsoft Windows 10

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Last year I wrote a truly complete guide to the new Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System (OS) called the Windows 10 Productivity Guide. It shows you all the great things Microsoft deployed in this release of Windows. It has some advanced tech sections like DOS commands and Power Shell commands too. You will appreciate both the depth and the scope of this book. I am an entrepreneur and this book is not backed by any major publisher. I wrote and self-published this book 100% on my own. Your patronage is greatly greatly appreciated. I have made sure the price of the book is LESS than those of my competitors. I have also made sure the reading experience is outstanding too.


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