Thursday, July 21, 2016

Overcoming Anxiety Through Mindfulness

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Today's post addresses the issue of chronic stress and anxiety. Even as a spiritual seeker, I am not immune from stress and anxiety. However, the benefit of being a seeker is that truth is slowly revealed to you in small amounts. One truth that was revealed to me recently through meditation and silent contemplation is the diagram above. This diagram shows that we as human beings have two side by side worlds in which we live - the outer world and the inner world. The outer world is the world of the mind and senses and our interface with others and experiences. So, this is the physical world, essentially, that is all around us. The inner world, however, is the world of spirit that transcends both the body and mind. Through contemplation, silence, and meditation, we can retreat into this world and experience long-term bliss, peace, happiness, and joy. This is because there is nothing demanded of us in this realm. Jesus even said "my yoke is easy". This is because the world of spirit is essentially unbounded love, compassion, and acceptance. There is nothing to do. You are accepted as you are. The world on the outside, however, is full of rules and judgement and therefore anxiety and stress build up because of these things. The path of stress and anxiety buildup is the result of an idea becoming an action which culminates most likely in the fulfillment of the desire but that fulfillment is only temporary. So, you have to ride the merry-go-round again and again to get that short flash of enjoyment. This is why monks live with few possessions and observe silence and prayer and meditation because the length of depth of peace from the inner world is much more than that of the external world. Namaste, Keith

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Direct Path to Being

When we are centered in pure being - we attain peace of mind and peace of body. We feel totally relaxed and happy and content. However, to attain this state of existence takes some practice and through practice, we overcome obstacles placed in our path by beings of lower energy levels. The mantra that can help us to attain higher and higher states of true being is "OM" according to yoga masters and gurus of the Far East. I have tried to capture the essence of this thought in a diagram which I have included at the top of this post for your convenience. Wishing You Peace.


Keith Charles Johnson

Senior Tech Writer
Senior OM Meditation Practitioner

Thursday, June 16, 2016

BEING: We All Have This In Common

Dear Readers:

This past weekend forty nine people lost their lives in Orlando, Florida, USA. There was a crazy gunman who entered the Pulse Bar in that city late at night and gunned down innocent people - killing and injuring at least that many. This is terrible beyond measure. Violence is the result of IGNORANCE on a large scale. The solution to violence is the awakening process and the enlightened mind - which necessarily acts on the basis of love and compassion and goodwill toward all living beings, regardless of who they are - nationality, race, gender, sex, lifestyle, profession, creed, and otherwise. As many spiritual masters have taught humanity over the past several thousand years, we all have BEING in common. We share a common core and essence and spirit from this angle. So, injuring another is to injure oneself. Ahimsa is the Sanskrit terms for non-violence and a very important concept for us all to learn and embody in our lives. We must be careful what we believe because that will affect our actions. When we are centered in love and compassion and goodwill and grace, then only good action will follow. We must not fall short of this - humanity needs peace and needs to recover from violence in the past. Thank you and Namaste.

Keith Charles Johnson
Senior Technical Writer Senior
OM Meditation Practitioner

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Windows 10 for Seniors and Beginners by Keith Johnson

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I just finished working out a major revision to a book I wrote a few months ago called "Windows 10 Productivity Guide". This revision is called "Windows 10 for Seniors and Beginners" and is here to help those new to Microsoft Windows as well as Seniors. So, all novice Windows 10 users can refer to this timely, informative, well-sourced, and well-priced book for guidance. I am a veteran Technical Writer with more than twenty years of real-world experience. I stand by this book as being as good as its greatest competitor (from the Dummies series). My book is both more recent and better priced. They only have a brand name. I have substance and true, helpful content. Hopefully you will choose the latter as your guide to Windows 10. Cheers, Keith

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Entrepreneurship Matters by Keith Johnson

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In 2012 I was working for a payments-processing software company (Qpay) in North Miami, Florida and was greatly inspired by the company's owners and C level executives. I learned greatly from this work experience and I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the journey of the entrepreneur. Hence, "Entrepreneurship Matters" was born (as a book).

Today, I work for a different company, however remain inspired by entrepreneurs and how these brave individuals take a concept and bring it from just a concept into a final product or service that the marketplace can consume. I would say that I have worked for about 10 great entrepreneurs in my lifetime and each has helped me to further appreciate the need for entrepreneurship.

The opposite of entrepreneurship of course is government and stagnancy. Right now, I am working at a company that has me writing final written manuals for submission to the FAA. It is a difficult task because government does not evolve as quickly as the business world. So, many things that are required in these manuals are legacies of the past in modern day business. So, you see, entrepreneurship helps us to move forward as a society and improve on process.

My 2012 book Entrepreneurship Matters is still a great book and the content will still help you to move your idea into the marketplace. I wish you success with your professional endeavors.

Best Regards, Keith Johnson

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Windows 10 Productivity Guide: Hardware Requirements for W10

A friend of mine recently told me that he was unable to run Windows 10 successfully on his machine. Please note that the list of hardware essentials REQUIRED to run Windows 10 are listed above in a screen shot from my new book Windows 10 Productivity Guide. Cheers, Keith

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dogma - Helpful or Not?

One of the biggest challenges of human life is crossing the bridge - from the theoretical side to the practical side. In school, we are essentially indoctrinated to follow dogmas. We are taught, for example, there are two parties in politics - Republican and Democrat. We are taught that life is simple and that there is only right and wrong. For example, it is right not to smoke marijuana and it is wrong to smoke it. We are also taught to take sides - like some people are Open Source software proponents and others are Commercial software proponents (e.g. Adobe and Microsoft and other major software branded products).

So, life in this sense is simple - you just choose a side and stay there.

This is the dogmatic approach to life.

However, when school is out and you get out there and work and travel and interact with people, you will see that life is not black and white and there are more than two sides to many issues. One reason why Donald Trump is so popular right now, I believe, is that he is presenting his vision of life and its problems and solutions in a dogmatic way - you choose left or right and you see things in a black and white manner. But that is not correct. Use your intelligence here for a is far more complex, right? Believe me, if things were that simple, then issues that the world faces right now....would have been solved long ago.

I see dogma as a diving board, if you will. For example, to dive into a pool, it is great to bounce up and down upon the diving board a few times and then you launch yourself into the pool's water. But, once you are in the water, the diving board is "up there" and is thus a memory - now you are in the water and now you need to swim.

So, friends and readers, the purpose of this blog post is simple - dogma is helpful when we are young and in development. However, eventually, we need to move beyond a dogmatic approach to life. Life is indeed complex and by recognizing life with all its complexities and being able to work with this fact we will be able to solve problems in a much better way - both immediately and over the long haul. Thanks and All The Best, Keith

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